In talks with Vinod Tiwari, Director RPS

Vinod Tiwari
Vinod Tiwari

Vinod Tiwari will be speaking at the The Big 5 Solar in November. He is the Director of RPS and he will be sharing his insight on "Optimizing PV, inverter and storage capacity to create a compelling value proposition"

In your opinion, what trends are bringing solar energy solutions closer to buildings in the urban sector?

The creative move to weave nature into the city is symbolic of a quiet revolution. The latest trend, which I have observed is ‘Net-Zero Standard’ – A solution, where Net-zero waste, water, and energy has been called the sustainable trifecta. It creates “living buildings” having rooftop rainwater harvesting system, composting toilets and taps solar energy for its needs. The building should generate all its own power through on-site renewable sources. Urban plans balance climate change solutions.

What is the most exciting trend in solar energy that one should look out for?

Renewable Energy Cost is dropping. Since 2009, solar prices have been dropped by 62% and the same trend is being continued. Battery Industry is becoming more competitive as people can use compressed air energy storage/ solid-state batteries/ water-based batteries or hydrogen converted by electricity. These days, Corporations are pushing towards Going Solar by making a shift towards renewable energy sources. More Employment of skilled technicians will continue to grow because of the increased demands for alternative energy.

With regards to solar energy what should be the next steps for the Middle East?

The enormous solar push could lead to new Middle East energy era. According to GTM Research, the region is home to some of the most attractive markets for new-build solar in the world. Aggressive plans of 8+ gigawatts have created a sizable pipeline of utility-scale projects and driven prices to record lows and have caught the attention of the world. GTM Research expects that this region will collectively install more than 22 gigawatts of cumulative capacity by 2023. 

Who are the right people to attend your talk at The Big 5 Solar?

All those people, who are directly or indirectly associated with Solar Industry should and must attend the talk because of the topic importance. To be more precise, Technicians/Supervisors/Engineers/ Managers/Senior Level Officials/End users and of course Solar Lovers are the right people to attend my talk. Also, it will be very useful for those who are connected with Solar Panels/ Batteries/ Charge Controllers in any ways like Manufacturer, OEM, Agent, Distributor or Retailer.

Please share more information on the topic that you will be talking on at the Solar Talks.

I will be talking about designing factors, which needs to be considered for the Solar Power System. Simple and easy way to size the major components. Available software solutions to optimize to the best possible level. Case studies - Few critical ones and +ve/-ve implications to the end user. Techniques and tips must be implemented at the site to harvest more power. Ways to install and maintain the Solar Power System for getting more power per watt.    

How does it benefit them to know about your topic?

My workshop is called “Optimizing PV, Inverter and Storage Capacity to Create a Compelling Value Proposition”. This is very beneficial for the related industry people in order to optimize the sizing and designing of the Solar Power System to its fullest potential, for which it is meant for. When it is optimized, the solar panel, inverter, and battery can be used to its rated capacity and the quantity of the items can be reduced, accordingly.

What will be the key take away by the audience attending your talk?

There are many takeaways for the audience which actually will be depending on the segment he/she belongs to. However, the attendee will learn about theoretical and practical aspects of Solar Power System. This is for sure that, the audience will become a solar expert and will be able to save maximum power. Power saved is Power gained and thus it is economically beneficial. And last but not least, there will be a certificate of attendance for all the participants.

 About Vinod Tiwari -

By carrying 17 years of rich experience of Power Electronics Industry, Eng. Vinod landed to Abu Dhabi in March 2012, from capital of India. In India he was associated with various reputed brands viz. GIS Ltd./ Schlafhorst/ Eltek SGS/ HBL Power Systems/ Exide Industries - to name a few.
Since 1994, he was engaged with various responsibilities of Sales/ Business Development/ Maintenance/ Services, Vinod has gained marvelous knowledge and expertise about Market demand and Global challenges for energy storage and power solutions.

He joined Telectron, Abu Dhabi as Sales Manager and within 4 years, he climbed the ladder of success and appointed as Director (Renewable Power Solutions) to cater Oil & Gas and Telecom business in UAE.
Having a background in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering blended with a Positive Attitude and Leadership Skills, he could easily take off to Technical Administrative position to handle Sales/ Business- Development/ Design and Engineering/ Projects/Services through able and efficient team and big support of Management.

Vinod is currently wearing different hats and he is accountable to – Driving Sales Volume, Tender participations, Maintaining Relationship with International Suppliers, Extending After Sales Support, Beating Project Deadlines, Meeting Company Expectations and last but not least imparting technical/soft skills training programs for various clients.

You can hear more from Vinod Tiwari on "Optimizing PV, inverter and storage capacity to create a compelling value proposition" at the Solar Talks on 27th November, 13:00 - 13:45.

About The Big 5 Solar

23 - 26 November 2019, Dubai World Trade Centre

Middle East’s only dedicated platform for solar solutions in construction

As part of The Big 5, the third edition of The Big 5 Solar brings solar solutions to construction. Showcasing solar technologies from leading PV manufacturing countries, The Big 5 Solar 2020 is a premier event for solar industry professionals to network, learn and do business in the Middle East. 

More than just an exhibition, the free to attend Solar Talks will explore the present and future of solar technologies in the region to complement the exhibition’s offering.


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