In talks with Anuj Nigam, Director, Startling Solar Pvt Ltd

Anuj Nigam
Anuj Nigam

Anuj Nigam will be speaking at the Solar Talks during The Big 5 Solar in November. He is the Director at Startling Solar Pvt Ltd and he will be sharing his insight on Solar power being the most versatile form of renewable energy.

In your opinion, what trends are bringing solar energy solutions closer to buildings in the urban sector?

There is a growing realization among the masses that climate change is happening and it must be restrained before it starts threatening the extinction of mankind on earth. With improved efficiencies and also incorporation of aesthetics (I mean BIPV – Building Integrated Photovoltaics) adoption of solar energy is increasing in the urban sector. Electricity rates are on rise and what can be better than using sun as a source of electricity which is totally free.

What is the most exciting trend in solar energy that one should look out for?

Solar Power is the only source of renewable energy which can be used on land, water as well as air. It is abundantly used on land and also in space for powering the satellites (the first use of solar). Solar floating plants is an exciting trend now.  It saves the usage of land space and provides power like a normal solar power plant. Second exciting trend is the proliferation in the usage of solar power. It is remarkable to observe even a village person using solar mobile charger in far flung areas where electricity is not easily accessible.

With regards to solar energy what should be the next steps for the Middle East?

Middle East is one of the promising solar markets in the world. Abundant land and sunshine make it an ideal destination for solar. It is already galloping ahead with installation of large scale MW scale solar plants. However manufacturing is still not matching the pace. More encouragement and incentives are required for setting up more production facilities for solar panels, inverters and other balance of systems. A vibrant manufacturing solar industry in Middle East would be ideal for both the West & the East due to the excellent geographical position it enjoys.

Who are the right people to attend your talk at The Big 5 Solar?

We are happy to work in an industry which has an impact on every person on this earth. Therefore it will be of interest to each of us. Businessmen who are contemplating whether or not to enter solar power or whether it will be a promising industry or not will surely get their doubts cleared.

Please share more information on the topic that you will be talking on at the Solar Talks.

There are many sources of renewable energy now. But Solar power versatility is unmatchable. With the declining prices of solar power it has become the most attractive option now.

How does it benefit them to know about your topic?

The uses of solar power are too many. We are trying to make them aware of the myriad uses of solar power which they can adopt easily.

What will be the key take away by the audience attending your talk?

This will be better answered by the audience after the session!  Solar is the need of the hour. A wonderful source of energy with no emissions and no pollution whatsoever. The audience will get enlightened about the various ways in which solar power can make our earth a much better place to live in.

About Anuj Nigam -

Mr. Anuj Nigam is the Director cum Promoter of Startling Solar Pvt Ltd. He is a Mechanical Engineer and MBA (International Business) from the prestigious IIFT (Indian Institute of Foreign Trade), New Delhi. He has worked in senior roles in organizations of repute in corporate sector. He founded Startling Solar Pvt Ltd in 2013 and the company has displayed robust growth and surging volumes since starting from scratch. In recent past Startling Solar was also declared as one of the Most Promising Rooftop Solar Companies of India by a reputed publication.

His prowess and vast knowledge on the various aspects viz. strategy, marketing, technicals, procurement, logistics, finance etc which are vital to create a profitable business has propelled Startling Solar as one of the most respected companies in India in the Rooftop Solar Segment. He is an extensive traveler and has fair knowledge of foreign languages viz. Spanish & German. 

His commitment and relentless passion towards solar power is making Startling Solar inch towards being one of most respected solar companies in the world.

You can hear more from Anuj Nigam on "Solar Power - The most versatile form of renewable energy" at the Solar Talks on 27th November, 16:00 - 16:45.

About The Big 5 Solar

23 - 26 November 2019, Dubai World Trade Centre

Middle East’s only dedicated platform for solar solutions in construction

As part of The Big 5, the third edition of The Big 5 Solar brings solar solutions to construction. Showcasing solar technologies from leading PV manufacturing countries, The Big 5 Solar 2020 is a premier event for solar industry professionals to network, learn and do business in the Middle East. 

More than just an exhibition, the free to attend Solar Talks will explore the present and future of solar technologies in the region to complement the exhibition’s offering.


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