In talks with Pepsi Baiocco, Director, NeOn Energy

Pepsi Baiocco
Pepsi Baiocco

NeOn Energy will be exhibiting its latest products at The Big 5 Solar in Dubai this November. We spoke to the Director, Pepsi Baiocco; here's what he told us as he prepares to participate to the the  largest solar meeting place.

How do you find the solar market in the Middle East right now?

The solar market for our PVT (Photovoltaic Thermal) is enormous. Because of the heat exchanger placed in the back of the panel, in which simple water circulates, it has a dual function of cooling the panel, and at the same time making available an energy source such as hot water. Moreover, as it cools the photovoltaic panel, it increases the efficiency of the panel by about 30 - 35%, compared to the same operating conditions of a conventional PV (Photovoltaic) panel.

Why would you recommend doing business in this region?

Simply because there is a solar energy demand. In one of the National press few months ago, it was mentioned that both Abu Dhabi & Dubai are aiming  to provide 7% of their energy needs through solar by 2020 and 15% by 2030. It is absolutely for this reason that NeOn Energy has realized that there is a gap that needs to be fulfilled and we therefore decided to go for it.

What are the top 3 trends in the industry according to you?

Solar rooftop PVT & PV,  Battery Storage & Wind turbine are the fastest growing today. And with the increased demands for alternative energy, the need for skilled labour will also continue to grow.

What do these mean for your company?

It means it would generate significant development and growth, either vertical (promotions & Maximum profit) or horizontal (experience & maximum profit)

What products will you present at The Big 5 Solar?

Photovoltaic Thermal, Batteries and Inverters

Why is there demand for them in the Dubai/Middle East?

Clean Energy (which is good for the environment), Cost effective (lower your bills) & Convenient (works everywhere including remote areas).

How will the exhibition help you to grow business in the UAE?

We are looking for distributors and partners to work with in the MENA region, so the BIG 5 came at the right time to promote and market our technology and know-how.

About NeOn Energy -

If the 19th century was the age of coal and the 20th of oil, the 21st will be the age of the sun.
It is NeOn Energy’s goal to enhance the development of solar powered solutions and energy services for South Africa by being a leader in assisting and providing consumers with:

  • Establishing the true energy potential of the site covering a high share of the energy demand with renewable energies;
  • Calculating the true cost and return on investment of the installation and use the best solar solution for their energy needs guaranteed by the European quality and efficiency standards;
  • Research & develop new technology to increase the performance and the efficiency of the solar PV.

Meet with NeOn Energy at The Big 5 Solar at the New Zabeel Hall 6, Z6 A51

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About The Big 5 Solar

23 - 26 November 2019, Dubai World Trade Centre

Middle East’s only dedicated platform for solar solutions in construction

As part of The Big 5, the third edition of The Big 5 Solar brings solar solutions to construction. Showcasing solar technologies from leading PV manufacturing countries, The Big 5 Solar 2020 is a premier event for solar industry professionals to network, learn and do business in the Middle East. 

More than just an exhibition, the free to attend Solar Talks will explore the present and future of solar technologies in the region to complement the exhibition’s offering.


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